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Hi! I am Erica

Visual Strategist | Creative Guru | Artist by Design

I’m a scooter-riding, music-loving, festival go-er, who was bitten by the travel bug years ago. I’ve been to 27 countries (and counting) and credit these experiences with shaping the person I am today: one who embraces challenges and approaches life with unbridled curiosity — whether it’s diving into oil paintings in my studio, volunteering to guide youth in crisis, or hopping on a plane for my next travel adventure.

My love of the arts has led me to a career as a creative professional. I’ve been on a continuous quest to enhance visual presence, craft one-of-a-kind designs, develop floor plans that attract and inspire, and build engaging displays that resonate with people and capture their attention. I utilize merchandising, styling, and design skills to define moments and deliver an impact. I strive to make an impression and provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

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Styling & Outfitting

My expertise spans from outfitting window and store mannequins, to assisting in wardrobe for nationally televised commercials, to personal styling for clients and styling full fashion shows.

Visual Merchandising & Displays

Through a keen understanding for the customer and store specific business, I develop and execute successful retail merchandising, increasing profitability.  With creativity and passion I conceive and realize inspiring and awe invoking displays.

Event Coordination & Decoration

An astute attention to detail and dedication to impeccability allows me to successfully realize all types of events, from charity functions to fashion shows, to bridal showers.

Management & Leadership

With devotion for success, I strive to develop and grow talent while identifying internal and external future bench strength.

My Portfolio

merchandising - display - windows - artwork

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    Anthropologie, Styling, Window Display

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    Anthropologie, Merchandising, Mural, Visual Display

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    Anthropologie, Merchandising, Styling, Visual Display

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    Anthropologie, Merchandising, Visual Display

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    Anthropologie, Merchandising, Visual Display

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    Olympic Steel


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    Anthropologie, Merchandising, Styling, Visual Display